Anti Aging Moisturizers Complemented by Diet

anti aging dietThe most effective anti aging moisturizers on the market today contain tiny particles of the antioxidant Coenzyme Q10.  You’ll learn about that ingredient in this article, but I thought you might also be interested in the benefits of an anti-aging diet.

In order to produce new skin cells and fibers, your body needs nutrients.  The necessary nutrients include the amino acids found in protein.

The skin’s cells and fibers are actually made of simple structural proteins containing only a few amino acids.  The better anti aging moisturizers contain one of those structural proteins.  It’s called keratin.

The recommended dietary intake of protein varies depending on whether or not you are trying to build muscle too.  Most experts recommend ½ to 1 gram per pound of body weight per day.  The higher end of the scale is for those who want to build muscle too.

Building muscle accomplishes several things.  We tend to lose muscle mass as we age unless we work to keep it.  That means we will get weaker.

We also tend to lose some bone as we age.  In some cases, the loss is enough to cause osteoporosis, a degradation of the bones that increases our risk of fractures.  Building muscle takes stress off of the bones.

You should also be sure to get enough calcium, vitamin D and other essential vitamins and minerals.  This will help to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis.

Muscle tissue is active tissue.  It requires more energy.  When you have a higher concentration of muscle mass in your body, you burn more calories even when you are sitting at your desk.  So, building muscle helps you control your weight.

Finally, building muscle improves your skin’s firmness in areas like your upper arms and possibly your neck, if you do the right movements.  Of course, anti aging moisturizers provide the greatest benefits for improving the skin’s firmness.  With creams containing bioactive or functional keratin, a 40% improvement in firmness has been observed after only 18 days.

An anti-aging diet may take longer to work, but it is well worth your while.  You may need to restrict your caloric intake as well.  Animal research indicates that calorie restriction extends lifespan.  There is one nutrient that works to mimic the effects of calorie restriction.  It’s called resveratrol.  It might not help you lose weight, but it does support your body’s ability to fight free radical damage.

The best anti aging moisturizers fight free radical damage from the outside in.  A healthy diet and some good dietary supplements work to fight free radical damage from the inside out.

In terms of improving your current appearance, the tiny particles of Coenzyme Q10 seem to be most effective.  Also known as CoQ10, the antioxidant can work to prevent and repair free radical damage.  It is the “repair” part that is most exciting.

According to clinical trials, anti aging moisturizers can reverse wrinkles by as much as 30% after three months of use if they contain CoQ10.  Those are the best results seen to date.

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    January 3rd, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    Yes, it is very important to address nutrition and exercise when planning any anti-aging regimen. Good article.