Liquid Collagen Supplements as a Skin Care Remedy

liquid collagenLiquid collagen is sold as a dietary supplement in the US and other parts of the world.  The claimed benefits include easier weight loss, stronger fingernails, better looking hair and younger looking skin.  Here you will learn about the “actual” benefits.

Many dietary supplements may be good for the health of your body inside and out.  It is always wise to consider what you eat, as well as the things you use on the outside of your body, when you are trying to improve your skin’s health or appearance.

Personally, I take a good multi-nutritional supplement that includes most of the amino acids needed for the body to produce collagen and other structural proteins.  I also take a good omega-3 fish oil supplement, because of all of the known benefits associated with increased dietary intake of omega-3s.

I do not take liquid collagen.  It is actually a simple protein composed of only three amino acids.  In order for your body to create it, you need to get enough protein in your diet and adequate vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a cofactor necessary for the body to produce strong collagen fibers.

When it comes to weight loss, some older studies have shown that liquid collagen supplements provide a sense of fullness, without increasing your caloric intake.  Protein-rich foods do tend to be more satisfying.  But, most people find the taste of the supplements less than satisfying.

As far as the fingernails, hair and skin are concerned, they are made up primarily of a protein called keratin.  Only the skin’s elastic fibers are composed of collagens.

When any protein is consumed, whether simple or complex, it is broken down by the digestive system into its component amino acids.  The amino acids will then be used as the body sees fit.

In other words, when you take any simple protein by mouth, there is no way to know where it will end up.  If you are not getting enough protein in your diet, it is not likely to end up in your skin.  The body will use it elsewhere.

So, there are no proven health benefits of taking liquid collagen.  There is some evidence that it helps with weight loss, but that is all.

What about the anti-aging skincare products that contain the hydrolyzed form of collagen?  There are no proven benefits of those either.

Some compounds do have proven anti-aging activity.  Those with the most proven benefits include bioactive keratin, coenzyme Q10, natural vitamin E, avocado oil and Shea butter.  Those ingredients would make an excellent anti-aging night cream, but only a few of the creams on the market contain all of them.

Bioactive keratin is a protein that can be absorbed into the skin’s cells.  It is known to improve moisture content and firmness.  Coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E are antioxidants known to prevent and reverse free radical damage, one of the main causes of cellular aging.

Avocado oil and Shea butter are nourishing moisturizers that stimulate the growth of the skin’s elastic fibers.  It would be nice if liquid collagen could do all of those things, but alas it cannot.

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One Response to “Liquid Collagen Supplements as a Skin Care Remedy”

  1. Holistically Haute Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 2:29 am

    I agree completely. Collagen as a supplement either taken internally or applied topically won’t fix aging skin. Taking the steps to help the body produce it on its own is your best bet. Consuming enough protein and Vitamin C through the diet is the best way.