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Pro Collagen CreamThe myth that a collagen cream can improve your skin’s health or reduce wrinkles has been debunked by numerous experts.  The creams have been around for years and most people know they don’t work.  The latest things are the pro-collagen creams.

Pro-collagen creams stimulate the production of new cells and elastic fibers.  Some of those cells will produce pro-collagen molecules, which means that the levels of the protein in the skin should increase.  The benefits should include thicker, firmer and smoother skin.

A variety of compounds are used in the pro-collagen creams.  The benefits of the finished moisturizers depend on the concentration of active ingredients and the inclusion of cheap fillers or irritating ingredients.

The active ingredients are those that have proven to stimulate skin growth or collagen-content in clinical studies.  Some of them include peptides, bioactive keratin, coenzyme Q10, avocado extract and wakame kelp extracts.

Cheap fillers include petrolatum, mineral oil and paraffin.  Those are petroleum based ingredients. They are derived from crude oil.  They will clog your pores, cause breakouts and are prone to contain cancer causing contaminants.

Water is an ingredient in every pro collagen cream. Although people are often disappointed to see it listed as the main ingredient, water is a skin moisturizer.  Plus, the fact that water is needed to rehydrate plant extracts and other ingredients.

The number of irritating ingredients used by cosmetic companies is well into the thousands.  There are thousands of fragrance ingredients alone and the companies are not even required to list them on the label.  The generic term “fragrance” suffices under the law.

Artificial preservatives and added fragrances are the primary causes of allergic and adverse reactions.  While it is nice to use cologne or perfume, the fragrance ingredients should not be added to lotions or skin creams.

So, your first job will be to find a pro collagen cream that is free of irritating fragrances and artificial preservatives.  If the cosmetic companies would simply include natural vitamin E, there would be no need to use artificial preservatives.  They choose the artificial preservatives over natural vitamin E in order to save money.  Of course, they rarely pass that savings along to you and me.

Your second job is to find a company that you trust to include the concentrations proven to be beneficial in clinical studies.  A pro collagen cream containing bioactive keratin should improve your skin’s firmness substantially within a few weeks.  One containing coenzyme Q10 should reduce wrinkle depth within a few months.

The other ingredients work on a molecular level to correct imbalances that are among the causes of the fine lines and wrinkles.  Many of them have antioxidant activity, because antioxidants prevent or reverse free radical damage, the main cause of skin aging.

The major cosmetic companies have not even attempted to create safe cosmetics, according to the Environmental Working Group.  There are no regulations concerning what the companies can and cannot claim, as long as the advertising campaign does not make the product sound like a drug.  Only then will the FDA intervene and regulate claims.

So, you want to look for a small, but trusted company to buy your pro collagen cream from.  That’s probably the key to getting something safe and effective.  A small company could ill afford to tarnish their reputation by creating an ineffective product.

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