3 Key Ingredients in Effective Anti Aging Skincare

anti aging skincareAnti aging skincare treatments are all the rage, despite the fact that most of them do not provide a visible improvement.  Independent consumer research groups tested a number of the popular products and were able to measure no more than a 10% reduction in wrinkle depth, which is basically invisible.

It could be that they didn’t test the products for long enough.  Some take three months or more to provide maximum results.  Or it could simply be that they did not test the right products.

Some ingredients are truly effective for reversing sun damage and wrinkles.  They can improve the skin’s softness and firmness, while improving moisture content.  Cosmetic company R&D teams have come up with a few synergistic formulas.  The improvement seen by combining several effective compounds is greater than the total improvement associated with individual ingredients.

One formula out there includes three very active compounds.  They are Wakame kelp extract, BioActive Keratin and Nano-lipobelle HEQ10.

Wakame prevents the skin’s hyaluronic acid from breaking down.  It contains an antioxidant called fucoxanthin, which is a retinoid proven to protect against UV damage and even out pigmentation.

BioActive Keratin is an anti aging skincare ingredient with numerous proven benefits.  After 18 days of use, more than a 40% improvement in firmness has been seen in clinical studies.  Scientists can verify that it stimulates the production of new skin cells and fibers.  It increases the skin’s antioxidant content, which helps to fade age spots.  And it has natural anti-inflammatory activity, which will reduce redness and benefit rosacea.

Nano-lipobelle HEQ10 is a special form of the antioxidant coenzyme Q10 combined with natural vitamin E.  The particles of COQ10 are reduced in size in order to allow them to penetrate deeply.

The theory was that anti aging skincare treatments containing COQ10 could prevent and repair free radical damage, one of the main causes of wrinkles and other visible signs of age.  The results were amazing, even to the scientists.  A 30% reduction in wrinkle depth was seen after three months, along with an overall reduction in sun damage in one of the studies.  They were able to verify the results in other studies.

Those three compounds are not the only ingredients needed to make a nourishing, safe and effective anti aging skincare formula.  Those are just the three “main” ingredients.  Research and development teams also include passion fruit extract, Shea butter, avocado oil or active manuka honey depending on when the product is designed to be used and on what portion of the body.

You have probably noticed that facial creams generally cost a good deal more than body lotions.  That’s because facial creams contain a higher concentration of active compounds.  Most body lotions are little more than mineral oil.

The condition of the skin on some parts of your body may be better than on your face.  In particular, those areas normally covered by clothing may look younger, because they have been protected from sun damage.

There are some great anti aging body lotions.  You might just have to pay a little more for them than you are used to.

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