Natural Skin Care Lines and the Lack of Skin Care Regulations

While there are some excellent natural skin care lines, there are some companies that capitalize on our desire to protect our health.  What they claim to provide and what they actually provide are two different things.

natural skin care linesThings are different in some parts of the world.  But, in the US, cosmetic manufacturers are largely unregulated.  Even though creams, lotions and similar items are actually healthcare products, they are still classified as cosmetics.

The advertising terms used by cosmetic companies currently have no legal definitions.  A company might use only naturally occurring ingredients.  They might make the safest choices to help you protect your health.  But, they might not.

Until things change, the only accurate source of information is the label of ingredients.  When internet companies do not publish a full list of ingredients, you have to be suspicious about what the products contain.  My personal recommendation is this.

Don’t buy anything unless you can read the label of ingredients and you fully understand the possible side effects of using them.  Interestingly, the FDA makes a similar recommendation on their webpage for cosmetic users, because of the risk of allergic and adverse reactions.

One would think that natural skin care lines would not cause allergic or adverse reactions.  But, many naturally occurring ingredients are allergens.  Concentrated plant fragrances are among the worst.

They call them essential oils, hydrosols or herbal distillates.  Sometimes they use the name of the individual fragrance.  Examples include limonene and lavender.  Regardless of what the companies call them, they are concentrated plant fragrances and there are several concerns accompanying their use.

First, they are toxic to the skin in their undiluted forms.  The concentration should be less than 10%.  Ideally, they would not be included at all.  But, there are only a few natural skin care lines that do not contain plant fragrances.

The second concern has to do with the skin’s absorptive qualities.  If used on a daily basis, creams or other skincare products containing essential oils can penetrate through the skin’s protective barrier and enter the bloodstream.

Once in the bloodstream, they will be diverted to the liver, where all toxins end up.  The liver is resistant to many toxins and can dispose of them easily.  Essential oils can damage the liver, especially if used on a regular basis.

They are included in aromatherapy because of the calming effect that some of the fragrances have.  Some are good safe household cleansers.  Orange oil is an example.  But, they should not be included in natural skin care lines.

Some of the fragrances are known to increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight.  None of them should be used during pregnancy, because they can have an effect on the body’s production of hormones, which could lead to birth defects.

There are some published cases or pre-pubescent boys developing breast tissue as a result of exposure to lavender or tea tree oil.  This is due to the fragrances effect on hormone production.

The final concern has to do with pesticide residues.  Unless you were buying a certified organic product, you could be exposing your body to pesticides.

While there are many things that should not be included in natural skin care lines, concentrated plant fragrances are among the most dangerous.  The best products are free of added fragrances, because the company’s goal is to make them as safe as possible.

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