What to Look for in the Best Age Spot Removers

best age spot removers

The best age spot removers, in terms of effectiveness, are those that inhibit melanin production.  Until recently, the only ingredient that provided that benefit was hydroquinone, a compound recently banned by the European Union because of a possible cancer risk.  Thankfully, a safer ingredient has been found.

Many plants have medicinal qualities.  They were, in fact, our first forms of medicine.  Herbs, spices, fruits, nuts, tree bark and other botanicals were used to treat all kinds of diseases.

One of the plants used historically to relieve irritation and reduce inflammation is cyperus rotundus.  The plant goes by many common names, including nut sedge or grass, purple nut sedge and coco-grass, but most people call it a weed.  From what I have read, it is particularly difficult to control, as far as weeds go, because it is very resistant to herbicides.

An herbalist or traditional healer would pull up the plants to get at the tubers, which are something like roots, in that they grow underground.  The tubers resemble nuts, which is the reason it has been called “nut grass”.

The best age spot remover on the market today contains extracts from the nut grass root, because recent studies have shown that it inhibits melanin production as much as hydroquinone, but without having any detrimental effects.  As already mentioned, it is an anti-irritant.

The only disadvantage to melanin inhibitors is that they could lighten the surrounding area, too, which might not be desirable.  For someone that wants a lighter complexion overall, daily lotions containing nut grass are a good choice.  For someone that simply wants to even out their complexion, something like coenzyme Q10 might be enough.

Coenzyme Q10 does not inhibit melanin production, but the best age spot removers contain it, because it reverses sun damage.  Ultimately, an age spot is sun damage.  It really has very little to do with the natural aging process.

The natural aging process means that our bodies produce fewer elastic fibers and skin cells.  There are ways to stimulate those processes, according to clinical studies, which could help increase the skin’s firmness and reduce wrinkles.

But, free radical damage is the primary cause of the outward signs of aging.  We cannot prevent it entirely, but we can keep it to a minimum.

Free radical damage to the melanin producing cells causes them to produce melanin clumps, what we call age spots.  Coenzyme Q10, as well as other antioxidants, has been shown to prevent and reverse free radical damage.  So, that’s why the best age spot remover contains coenzyme Q10 and other antioxidants.

A really good lotion would contain compounds that stimulate the production of new cells and fibers, too.  You may as well cover all of the bases whenever you can.

Remember to read the label of ingredients on any anti-aging products that you buy.  If you are not familiar with the ingredient, do a little research and find out what it is.  You may find that a lot of them have been banned in Europe.  The US is a bit more lenient about cosmetics.

The best age spot removers can improve your appearance in a matter of weeks without increasing your risk of cancer or anything else.  The worst ones…well they might cause health problems.

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