Choosing Natural Skin Care for the Health of the Environment

Monday, January 10th, 2011

natural skin care pollutionNatural skin care products are the green alternative.  Most people choose them because they are better for their health.  They are also better for the health of the environment for many different reasons.

There are many different reasons because there are many different chemicals.  Let’s start with petrochemicals.

Petrochemicals are petroleum derivatives.  Our reliance on them over the last few decades has caused them to become common air and water pollutants.  The factories that produce them produce CO2 and other climate changing compounds.

Propylene glycol, ethylene oxide, sunscreens called oxybenzone and benzophenone, isopropyl alcohol and ethanol are some of the petrochemicals commonly found in cosmetics and personal care products of all kinds.… Read Full Article

Pro Collagen Cream – The Latest in Natural Skin Care

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Pro Collagen CreamThe myth that a collagen cream can improve your skin’s health or reduce wrinkles has been debunked by numerous experts.  The creams have been around for years and most people know they don’t work.  The latest things are the pro-collagen creams.

Pro-collagen creams stimulate the production of new cells and elastic fibers.  Some of those cells will produce pro-collagen molecules, which means that the levels of the protein in the skin should increase.  The benefits should include thicker, firmer and smoother skin.

A variety of compounds are used in the pro-collagen creams.  The benefits of the finished moisturizers depend on the concentration of active ingredients and the inclusion of cheap fillers or … Read Full Article

Stop Animal Testing by Choosing Natural Skin Care Products

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

animal testing rabbitsAnimal testing regulations vary from one country to the next.  The use of animals to test cosmetic ingredients is about to be banned completely in the European Union. 

One of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world is located in France.  The company has protested the ban.

The ban will not affect companies that manufacture drugs.  Some cosmetic ingredients are also considered drugs.  Examples include some of the anti-wrinkle preparations.

Each batch of Botox is still tested extensively on animals.  Botox is a de-activated form of botulism toxin.  There have been instances in the US where the injections were found to contain the live virus.  People have ended up in the hospital … Read Full Article

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