Hydrolyzed Collagen in Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Monday, January 17th, 2011

hydrolyzed collagenHydrolyzed collagen is an ingredient commonly found in anti-aging facial creams and body lotions.  Cosmetic companies continue to include the ingredient and make numerous claims concerning the benefits.  Problem is there are no proven benefits.

Collagens are simple proteins made up of only a few amino acids.  In the human body, they are classified as “structural” proteins, meaning they are used by the body to create various structures.

The proteins are abundant in young, healthy firm human skin.  Along with the protein elastin, they make up the skin’s elastic fibers.  It is the elastic fibers that allow the skin to snap back into shape after being stretched out.

The fibers can be … Read Full Article

3 Key Ingredients in Effective Anti Aging Skincare

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

anti aging skincareAnti aging skincare treatments are all the rage, despite the fact that most of them do not provide a visible improvement.  Independent consumer research groups tested a number of the popular products and were able to measure no more than a 10% reduction in wrinkle depth, which is basically invisible.

It could be that they didn’t test the products for long enough.  Some take three months or more to provide maximum results.  Or it could simply be that they did not test the right products.

Some ingredients are truly effective for reversing sun damage and wrinkles.  They can improve the skin’s softness and firmness, while improving moisture content.  Cosmetic company R&D teams … Read Full Article

Natural Skin Care Products are Gaining Popularity

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

natural skin careNatural skin care products are starting to become more popular according to recent surveys.  The traditional versions are still outselling them by a huge margin, but at least people are learning more about reading labels and being picky about what they put on the outside of their bodies.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the Environmental Working Group, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and other consumer groups for letting us know about loopholes that allow US cosmetic manufacturers to put unlimited amounts of chemicals in items that are sold as “health and beauty aids”.

Because there is a lack of federal law concerning the subject, a few states stepped in to … Read Full Article

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