The Best Anti Aging Serum – Searching for a Fountain of Youth

The world has searched for an anti aging serum throughout recorded history.  But, the proverbial fountain of youth has been elusive.  Perhaps, we were simply looking in the wrong places.

Anti Aging Serum

Judging by the latest research, the secrets to health, longevity and good looks are found in the foods that we eat.  If we eat the right foods, we can expect to live long, healthy lives and look younger than our peers. 

If we eat the wrong foods, we can expect to have a variety of health problems and develop wrinkles at an early age.  The popular theories about the causes of wrinkles, including habitual facial expressions and genetics, may be incorrect. 

According to scientists, free radical damage causes the majority of wrinkles and other signs of age.  Chronic inflammation and glycation play a role, as well.  Only a very small percentage of wrinkles and other outward signs of age are related to facial expressions and only a very small percent are related to genetics.

We don’t know exactly how the percentages break down.  Science has not gone that far, yet.  But, it really doesn’t matter.  We know enough to create an effective anti aging serum.

When it comes to the health of the whole body, the three big causes of age-related diseases are the same as the three that cause most wrinkles:

  1. Free Radical Damage
  2. Chronic Inflammation
  3. Glycation

The body’s natural defense against free radical damage is the antioxidant.  We create some of them within the cells of our body.  Others are consumed through the foods that we eat. 

Some foods have natural anti-inflammatory activity.  Others contribute to chronic inflammation.  Certain foods are the causes of the glycation process that ends with the creation of Advanced Glycation End-products or AGEs. 

An anti aging serum can address all of these things.  For inner health, a good multi-nutritional supplement is necessary.  For the health and appearance of the outer body, nourishing skincare products are necessary.

Eating a healthy diet and being physically active are also important.  Advice about all of those things cannot be included in an article of this length.  So, let’s stick with the skincare products.

First, of all, you should never use anything on the outside of your body that you would not take internally.  So, when you see warning labels about the poisons, allergens and irritants, don’t buy those products.  They are simply not worth the risk.

The best anti aging serum will contain antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories.  It will also contain ingredients that stimulate the production of antioxidants within the skin’s cells. 

It is not possible to address the issue of glycation from the outside in.  It would be worth your while to learn more about the foods to avoid, because they contribute to the production of AGEs.

But, when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles or preventing them from forming in the first place, the proverbial fountain of youth may have been found in a bioactive protein called Functional Keratin.  If you want the most effective anti aging serum for your face and body, you should look for that ingredient.

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