Why All Natural Skin Care Lines are Absolutely Worth the Cost

Are you one of the people that have been lucky enough to run across an all natural skin care line that is truly effective? 

all natural skin care

If you are one of those people then you are in the minority, because most of us never find a formula that gives us the results that we desire. 

Out of the millions of skin care products that are sold each year you would think that there would be more success stories to be told.

The primary reason for the lack of effectiveness in cosmetics products is the fact that the major corporations put very little of their huge annual profits back into both the research and development of new and improved products, or into manufacturing. 

They would rather sink millions of dollars into marketing mediocre products as the most “revolutionary formulas” in cosmetics.

It is because of this lack of product development that almost nothing in a typical all natural skin care line is all natural.  You may find a few quality ingredients within each of these products, but those that are present are often drowning in a sea of chemicals. 

Chemical agents are one of the favorite ingredient sources of the major cosmetics corporations, because they require no processing, and so cost very little to use.

No matter what, the spokespeople for the cosmetics corporations may tell you about how these chemical agents are necessary to use in cosmetics products, it is simply not true. 

They would have you believe that there is no natural compound that could take the place of a chemical agent as an antibacterial, antifungal, or preservative agent.  There are natural compounds more than adequate at filling these roles, but they would cost more to use.

The fact is that it may cost a little more to manufacture an all natural skin care line and it may cost you a little bit more to use, but it is absolutely worth it. 

When using natural formulas you will not have to worry about the nerve damage, organ toxicity, hormonal imbalances, and cancer commonly caused by the chemicals used to make skin care products.  For a couple of dollars more, I will take that kind of security every time.

The best compounds for filling the positions that these chemicals play are grape seed oil, Natural vitamin E, and active New Zealand Manuka honey. 

Manuka honey is renowned for being the most powerful plant based antibacterial and antifungal agent in the world.  It is so strong that when used ingested or used on the skin regularly it can actually boost your immune system.

Another great attribute of an all natural skin care line featuring plant based ingredients is the antioxidants that you get.  All plants are good sources of antioxidants, but once again, active Manuka honey leads the pack. 

The only thing that will eliminate more free radicals than Manuka honey is a protein and enzyme based ingredient known as Xtend TK, which is capable of destroying them by the millions.

Take my advice, and use an all natural skin care line with these powerful ingredients, and you will receive results that you simply will not believe.

Be sure to read our page on the best natural skin care products. It is frequently updated and contains information on our #1 recommended product line.


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